Late Padma Shri Dr. Vishnu Shridhar Wakankar was an artist by education (G. D. Art from Mumbai), however, he switched over to history / prehistory, archaeology and numismatics and earned worldwide fame for his contributions.

His elder brother Late Laxman Shridhar Wakankar was a Chemical Engineer from Banaras Hindu University. He specialized in ceramic art and later became expert in the evolution of scripts and digitalization of Devanagari script.

This site has been created by junior members of this family who are again not connected to these fields but were enthused with the work done by these stalwarts and felt a need or rather a social obligation to reveal these contributions to the world.

Content in these sites are scripted based on various references and narrations. There could be technical insufficiencies or lacunae in understanding, but we have tried to project things in a very un-biased open minded way, without any aim of influencing the thought process of the readers.

River Saraswati Shodh Abhiyan

Rivers have always played a significant role in the evolution of civilizations. Most of the prehistoric civilizations have flourished on the banks of rivers. Indian civilization is also referred to as Indus (Sindhu) Valley Civilization due to the findings of pre-historic sites of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro on the banks of River Indus (Sindhu), now in Pakistan. Vedic literature however, is full of references to River Saraswati. She is referred as "Naditama" meaning the widest of all rivers.

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