Dr. V. S. Wakankar

Cultural Exchange Tour of USA

Tour sponsored by Department of State of USA in 1966

Program arranged by the Council for Leaders and Specialists : an Experience in International Living Washington D. C.

  • To observe the latest developments in Archaeological techniques
  • To study Pre - Columbian American Book art
  • To deliver lectures on Indian Rock Paintings and on the recent excavations of the proto - historic site of Kayatha excavated by Vikram University

Lectures on the above subject were delivered at the following places

  • Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia
  • South Asia Regional Studies Dept., University of Pennsylvania
  • Albright Knox Art Gallery Buffalo
  • Chicago Circle Campus, University of Illinois, Chicago
  • Mound City Group National Monument Chillicothe
  • Museum of Columbus, Columbus
  • Anthropological Department, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Department of Anthropological studies, University of Utah, Salt
  • Anthropological Department, University of California, Los Angeles, Lake City
  • Grand Canyon National Park Centre
  • Betakin National Park Centre
  • Roswell Museum and Art Centre, Roswell
  • University Museum of Tuscan
  • Department of Anthro, Austin University, Austin
  • Art Centre of Harward University, Washington D. C.
  • The National Gallery of Art, Washington D. C.

Tour also involved :

  • Study of Dendo achronology at the University Centre of Arizona University, Tuscon, Arizona
  • Study of American Petroglyphs and pictographs by visiting following sites
    Chillicothe, Boston, Museum of Fine arts, Indian Museum New York, Carnegie Museum Pittsburgh, Chicago Natural History Museum, Santa Barbara Rock Painting sites Mojave, Desert sites, Rock art site of Tuscon and Roswell Flagstaff Walnut Canyon, Wupatki, Canyon de Chelly, Betatkin, Hovenweep, Mesa Verde, Aztec, Chaco Kanyon, Grand Canyon, Bandelier pas, Jennez Pieblo, White Mountain site, Arryo Hando, Peco and Santé fe Rio Grande Canyon, and Temple Mounds at Macon Georgia.

Discovered new sites at
Arryo Hando, Rio Grande Canyon, and Macon Geogia

Tour was conducted within three months.