Dr. V. S. Wakankar


  • 23 Parmar inscriptions at Dhar
  • More than 68 Chalcolithic sites in Malwa
  • More than 4000 painted rock shelters throughout India
  • Mahudi Copper plate of King Bhoja at Dhar
  • Indragadh inscription of King Nannappa of Rashtrakut dynasty of Manyakheta
  • Bilpank Prashasti of siddharaj jaysinnh of Gujarat
  • Elephant capital of Maurayan period at Sodhanga
  • Remains of Harappan culture at Manoti
  • Black and Red ware culture at Awara
  • Earliest remains of a culture now known as Kayatha culture at Chalcolithic sites at Kayatha near Ujjain
  • Shaka inscription at Ujjain
  • Inscription of Vijaysinh at Ujjain
  • Discovered and classified 15000 coins of Ujjain
  • Discovered and deciphered 2 Brahmi inscriptions outside India (one being at Quassein on red Sea and other being a tablet from Babylon)
  • Glass seal and 4 Greek amulets at Ujjain
  • New sites at Arryo Hando; Rio Grande Canyon and Macon Georgia in USA