Dr. V. S. Wakankar

Work done by Dr V. S. Wakankar in the field of Archaeology

  1. Worked under the guidance of Dr. H. D. Sankalia (Head of Dept. of Archaeology - Deccan College, Pune) and Dr. B. P. Subbarao (Head of Dept. of Archaeology - Baroda University) at Maheshwar and Navada Toli excavations in 1952 - 53.
  2. Surveyed Narmada valley pre - historic sites and alluvial system under late Dr. Zeunner of London School of Archaeology.
  3. Worked as honorary guide to Chambal valley Archaeological survey conducted by Bharati Kala Bhavan, Ujjan in 1953 - 55 and by Madhya Pradesh Government in 1959 - 60 in which following sites were excavated at :
    • Indergadh in Mandasaur district, M. P.
    • One painted rock shelter at Modi
    • Excavation of Harappan site at Manoti
    • Excavated Chalcolithic site at Awara
  4. Discovered > 600 painted rock shelters in Central India.
  5. Worked under Prof. Andre Leroi Gourhan of Sorbonne University at Paris. Under his direction excavated sites at
    • Escolive - a Merovingian site in Central France.
    • Arcy - sure - Cure - prehistoric cave site in France.
  6. Worked under Mme Henri Martin at La Quina, a prehistoric site in South France.
  7. Took training in the field of Archaeology and Laboratory work at Veraconium Camp organized by the Extra - Mural Activities Department of Birmingham University under Dr Barton.
  8. Organized archaeological survey of Chambal valley under the ages of Vikram University in 1964 - 65.
  9. Excavated a site which has given the earliest remains of a culture earlier than Maheshwar and NavadaToli at Kayatha (~2000 B. C.).