On 9th May 2010, few of us organized a “Kula Sammelan” of the “Karadhe Brahmin Wakankar” family members at Pali in District Sudhagadh, Maharashtra. This sammelan was a great success, as more than 100 Wakankars, not necessary blood relations, participated.

During the deliberations and presentation in various sessions we realized that there are 3 – 4 branches of Wakankar’s in India.

  • Kokan branch;
  • Pune branch;
  • Baroda branch and
  • Dhar branch.

It also came out, that most of the Wakankars belonged to Atri Gotra, though there were also members from Bharadwaj Gotra. It is a matter of pride that several Wakankars from all branches, have acquired prominence and fame in various spheres of life.

Wakankars @Dhar/Ujjain

This website is dedicated to Wakankars of Dhar / Ujjain – Madhya Pradesh. The Wakankars from Dhar / Ujjain, belong to Atri Gotra and are descendants of Archananas and Shanashwa rishis, as is evident from the prayer recited every morning in Wakankar households.

त्रि-प्रवरान्वितअत्रिगोत्पन्नोहं, ऋग्वेदांर्तगतआश्वलायनशाक लशाखाध्यायीन…..
-नामशर्माऽहं भोगुरो त्वाम अभिवादयामि

Family details (Panchayatan) are

  1. Shri. Jagadamba Mahalakhsmi (Kolhapur)
  2. Shri. Mahakali
  3. Shri. Maha Saraswati
  4. Shri. Sita and
  5. Shri. Ramchandra

It appears that Wakankars from Ujjain, probably originated from a place called “Wakan” in Ratnagiri district of Kokan, Maharashtra, Taluka – Rajapur, Near Nagothane.

About 7 generations ago, they migrated from Kokan to Pune, from there to Vadodara and finally to Dhar.

Anant Waman Wakankar had a habit of maintaining family history notes. Shri. Laxman Shridhar Wakankar on the occasion of his 75th birthday, published a booklet “Wakankar Kula Parichaya” at Malad.

This gives an insight into the family tree and provides valuable information about individuals in this family over a span of almost 300 years.

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